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I’m sure our ancestors would have never thought we’d be dwelling over the options we have today regarding which bedding to choose. Picking the best sheets, pillow covers, decorative pillows, and mattress covers (if you need some extra fluff) is downright scary, as these pieces are now investment items. Not only are these purchases typically on the pricier side for good quality bedding, but there are so many options.

We must formulate each piece to elicit the best sleep experience every night. I mean, this is where we spend 6-8 hours a night, so why not make it a great experience? Plus, sleep is necessary for everyday functioning and affects our well-being.

A piece of the puzzle includes the mental shutdown before sleep begins, right? Sometimes we just can’t wind down from the workday, or the anxiety spikes surrounding what tomorrow holds for us.

If you experience these thoughts regularly, you’re not alone. More than 50% of adults say their anxiety affects their sleep at night, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. This plague of sleep deprivation is an epidemic targeting a basic need. But fear not, weighted blankets are here to save the day.. or night?

Weighted blankets help those of us that face this feeling of unrest to shift the brain into an optimal state of relaxation.

Weighted blankets have the same effects as a warm embrace or gentle hug that triggers those happy/stress-releasing hormones, eliciting some shut-eye.

If you’re hoping to look for a natural solution, look no further. But circling back to our other dilemma, how do we find the perfect sleep gear? For weighted blankets, a element to nail is sizing. So, what size should you get?

What Size Should I Get? (Adults)


When considering what size your weighted blanket should be, first think about your frame. Are you a smaller human or on the larger side? Do you hit the gym often, or are you more of a couch potato (no shame in that, it’s another place to utilize your weighted blanket)?

We pose these questions because the more petite you are, the smaller the size to order and vice versa.

If you are on the larger or more muscular side, opt for a larger blanket.

With this in mind, also think about the size of your bed. Even though height is not as important as your weight, make sure you’re fully covered. No peeping toes or suffocated faces. If a blanket is too small for you, you may miss out on the benefits of this form of pressure therapy. If it’s too large, you may feel trapped or suffocated.

Let’s avoid these potential issues altogether by picking the correct size.

highlight Weighted blankets typically come in twin, queen, and king sizes. They’re easy enough to match the standard mattress.

Some other options include California King and teen-sized blankets. But the possibilities don’t end there.

However, don’t take these sizes too literally. They tend to run a bit on the smaller side, and there’s a reason for this. Because gravity is a thing – if a weighted blanket hangs too much off a side of the bed, it can completely slide off.

So, feel free to size down if it works for your frame, but still, buy one with the appropriate weight. If you’re not sure about what weight to choose, check out our article on how to pick the perfect weight for your blanket.

If you’re a couple?


Good question! Time to do a little math. Because you both want to benefit from pressure therapy, make sure to take the average of your weights and consider your body types and sizes before your purchase.

Make sure both parties are comfortable with the size, and if you both differ dramatically in size, maybe opt for two separate blankets to get optimal results. We suggest you start with one weighted blanket and see how both you and your partner like the sizing. It’s all about personal preference, so it’s okay to be a little selfish when it comes to choosing the right fit for you.

highlight Couples: Use the average of your body weights and consider your body types and sizes before your purchase. It is also important to select a size that will fully cover both of you. Queen is a great option for most couples.

What size should I get for my kid?


Another great question. Weighted blankets have been used for quite some time among healthcare professionals to lessen the stress reactions of children. Luckily, they are more accessible now, but there are a few things to think about before you buy your child a weighted blanket.

Most importantly – you should never buy one in the first place if your child is under one year old or 50 pounds. Going against this precaution could end with some severe consequences.

However, if your kid has surpassed these benchmarks, the same guidelines apply. For most children, they will likely be comfortable with a teen, twin, or full-sized blanket as those are the smallest on the market.

There are even some mini lap pads available that are a great way to get started. Make sure your child can put the blanket on and take it off independently. If they can’t, it’s too big. Going too large can reverse the calming effect, so veer away from adult-sized blankets and those that may be overwhelming for your little one.

Different sizing options

Throw –

highlight Size varies by brand

An option to dip your toes in the water with or just for the convenience of its portability. These little guys offer localized pressure therapy whether you are looking to cover your lap or shoulders.

Bring your throw to the office, on planes, or simply to your couch. These smaller weighted blankets are great to introduce to children if they reach the benchmarks listed above.

Teen –

highlight 40 x 60”

Significantly larger than the mini, yet another great travel buddy (an accessible transit from your mattress to the living room), the teen-sized weighted blankets are small yet effective.

The teen size is another great option for a child just getting started and for the couch. You’ll never have to worry about this guy sliding off the bed as it is smaller than any mattress size available.

Twin –

highlight 40 x 75” / 42 x 72” / 48 x 78”

Now we’re getting into the big leagues. A twin-sized blanket is an excellent entryway into sleeping with a weighted blanket throughout the night.

Just make sure this size would cover your entire body, besides your head, to keep you secure and well comforted.

Twin-sized blankets are also an excellent option for couples who prefer different weights.

Full –

highlight 53 x 75”

If you think twins are for little kids or just feel that you could go bigger based on your size, opt for a full.

Full-sized weighted blankets are similar to twins in that they are only good for one person, so tell your partner not to be offended when you don’t share.

Keep in mind these are wider but not longer than a twin. So for our taller friends out there, you may want to go ahead and size up, even if it’s just for yourself.

Queen –

highlight 60 x 80”

Introducing the queen bee of the weighted blanket sizes, the queen-sized option is the most widely chosen option.

You can either meander about throughout the night or share the blanket with your partner, so this versatility is what gives the queen her popularity. But we said it once, and we’ll say it again, if you have a mattress size smaller than a queen, do not size up when choosing your weighted blanket.

King –

highlight 80 x 86”

Go big or go home. Just kidding, it’s all about personal preference. But if you sleep on a king-sized mattress, think about opting for the same-sized weighted blanket.

There is no way your toes or limbs will be peeping out of this guy, and it’s great for sharing if you please. Again, avoid the frustration of waking up in the middle of the night to your blanket on the floor if you have a smaller mattress.

Custom –

highlight Custom to fit your needs

None of the other options piquing your interest? No worries, make your own dimensions.

This option should probably only be taken by our very tall friends or if you have a custom bed shape. We’re talking maybe Shaq-sized individuals and those who have cool-shaped beds.

Just keep in mind all that we’ve talked about and pick a smaller size than your mattress and whether you’ll be the sole owner or sharing the benefits.

Sizing chart:

Blanket Size

Dimensions Available

Mini Lap Pad

14 x 22”

18 x 30”


40 x 60”


40 x 75”

42 x 72”

48 x 78”


53 x 75”


60 x 80”


80 x 86”

California King

88 x 104”


Whatever you’d like!

How to select the perfect size

Knowledge is power, and you now have the knowledge to support your decision in choosing the perfect sized weighted blanket. But as a refresher, focus on the following rules of thumb:

  • Consider your body size and frame; you want to cover your entire body, except for your head.
  • If for sleeping, choose a size that aligns with your mattress size or go smaller
  • Start smaller for children and make sure they meet the minimum requirements
  • If you’re a couple, pick a size that works with your average weight and a height that covers both parties. Also, consider getting two smaller blankets if weight preferences vary.
  • Refer to this article to learn about the 10% rule when it comes to choosing the right weight

Adult’s guide

The world of weighted blankets is your oyster. With tons of options, pick one that best suits your wants and needs. If you want to bring your new security blanket with you everywhere, consider a throw or a twin.

Conversely, if you’d like your weighted blanket to stay put on your bed in pursuit of uninterrupted sleep, shop for a full through a king.

Also, think about who will be using the weighted blanket, how many people with be sharing it, the weight and build of the blanket users, and the size of your mattress.

Understanding these components and cross-referencing your wants and needs with this guide will prepare you to pick the right-sized weighted blanket.

Kid’s guide

While the rules are less stringent on adults, it’s essential to be a bit more cautious when choosing your child’s first weighted blanket.

If you act prematurely by putting your child under a weighted blanket that is too large for his or her tiny body, the consequences could range from reversing the calming effects of the blanket to even putting them at risk of SIDS.

If you haven’t heard of this yet, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be induced by overheating your child or restricting movement. Not to scare you, but please take this seriously. So again, consider your child’s frame, weight, and mattress size.

Information on dimensions

highlight Dimensions are pretty standard based on the size of your mattress unless you are getting custom. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire blanket, regardless of size.

Make sure to take into account the size of your mattress, your personal frame, and weighted blanket goals (for the people in the back). You got this!

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