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Today was a Monday to beat all Mondays. Sam’s senses are in overdrive; he comes home from work perpetually exhausted, even to the point of tears, and still struggles to fall asleep. The depression, the chronic pain—it’s all too much. To top it off, he has to go back to work tomorrow. He kinda wishes Alexander would keep his terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days.

Like Sam, I know that you’ve tried all.the.things to manage your stress and anxiety.

You’ve worked on addressing your “sleep hygiene“, trying things like
adult coloring books,
chamomile tea,
dim lights and screen-free time 10-30min before bed.

You’ve created a peaceful place to sleep, tried that white noise app, and maybe even tried sleeping alone!

You’ve taken Epsom salt baths,
turned on calming music,
tried mild exercise during the day,
and other things to help release and eliminate stress or anxiety from your life.

You’ve created your own stress-relief cheat sheet, identifying things that help you relax and release that anxiety that hangs around unbidden.

You made self-evaluations and necessary changes. You’ve used
the pillow yell,
broken ice in the bathtub,
thrown paper towels at the shower wall…

You’ve bolstered your community network,
evaluated your support system,
and purposely nurtured supportive relationships.

You’ve chosen to focus on the things that ARE going right,
the things that make you smile,
that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

But you KNOW there’s something missing.

All of these things address your stress, your anxiety, and/or your lack of sleep, but NONE of them really addresses your cravings for pressure.

You need to feel the weight of a blanket on you in order to fall asleep, no matter how hot it is.
Anxiety fuels your insomnia, making going to bed a long process because of anxiety symptoms.
You pile pillows (or even your cats) on top of your body because the weight is comforting and feels secure.


To compensate for the extra blankets and pillows and cats making you insanely hot, you turn the heat low in the house… but what about during the summer time? Often the a/c isn’t able to keep up.

Today is Tuesday. Sam is still working at a job that undervalues him and refuses to accommodate his disabilities; he’s still clinically depressed; he’s still in a great deal of pain; but today is different. He comes home, brews his favorite coffee, sinks into his bean bag, and covers himself with his brand-new weighted blanket. At night, instead of tears of exhaustion, he just might shed a tear of joy (shh… don’t tell) as he crawls under his weighted blanket and feels his entire body relax. Sleep follows shortly.

Imagine wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket after a rough day at work and alleviating your agitation immediately.
What if you had a weighted blanket to help with your anxiety symptoms when you’re having a bad night?
What if you could stay cool (and not insanely hot) while still enjoying the weight of all the extra quilts and heavy blankets?

It’s time to make an investment

If the extra weight makes the difference between sleep and insomnia for you, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a weighted blanket. Did you know that an average of 72% of study participants reported in favor of the weighted blanket?

If you’re still on the fence,

Download How to Know if Weighted Blankets Really Work [for FREE!], follow the link inside, and take the Weighted Blanket Assessment. Find out how you score and if a weighted blanket would be a good fit for you. You can even complete Part 2 of the Assessment and get a personalized weighted blanket recipe so you can shop with confidence.

Download How to Know if Weighted Blankets Really Work
(and take the Weighted Blanket Assessment)

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