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“I’m so excited about this blanket and glad that I finally dove in and bought one. Last night my giant mound of blankets shifted AGAIN, and I was like “Ha! Soon I’ll have a weighted blanket!” 


Kelly* first contacted me last summer with a specific list of things she was looking for in a weighted blanket. Her research had already showed that I was one of very few makers who handcrafted adult-size weighted blankets.

She came to me already prepared with her wishlist:

1. Fits a queen size mattress

2. High threadcount (500+ TC) 100% cotton on all contact areas. Soft, but sturdy. Not fuzzy.

3. 35lbs, evenly distributed, using glass beads to reduce bulk


Size isn’t an issue; I’m happy to make larger blankets that fit full-size, queen-size, and king-size beds. There are many adults looking for larger blankets and I have the unique skills and creativity to pull it off well. The largest blanket I’ve made to date measures 86″x86″; Kelly’s blanket didn’t need to be quite that long: we settled on 72″x86″

Glass beads:

Most adults don’t need a blanket quite as heavy as Kelly needed, so bulk may not be an issue for them. Using glass beads over poly pellets totally changes the thickness/bulk of the blanket.


Here is a picture depicting the difference between glass beads (on the left) and poly-pellets (on the right). The scale isn’t perfectly the same, but that’s the same measuring cup in both cases.

“My goal with finally buying a weighted blanket is to get rid of the giant mound of blankets I currently use and cut the bulk.”

Glass beads also have a different texture in the finished blanket; this does not present a problem for every customer. While thicker fabrics like fleece and minky can hide the texture of the poly pellets (which is similar to that of tiny pebbles) glass beads are the perfect alternative for those who would be irritated by the feeling of tiny pebbles in their blanket. I was already considering using glass beads, and Kelly’s request presented the perfect opportunity.

Was she satisfied with her choice? A year later, Kelly writes:

“As for the glass beads, now that I’ve had this option, I wouldn’t ever get the poly-pellets. I’ve seen them in other blankets, and the sensation of them would have been extremely uncomfortable. For me, sleep is a combination of pressure and tactile sensation…”


The second item on Kelly’s list took a bit more time to hammer out. Having a fabric that felt good against her skin was very important, so we wanted to make sure we chose an option that she would be happy with. We discussed the possibility of purchasing a set of sheets exactly like the ones she was currently using, which was a texture she already knew she was happy with, to make the duvet (blankets over 20lbs need to be washed in a commercial machine, and I recommend using a duvet cover that can be washed separately). In the end, she chose a high-quality cotton that fit her criteria for “soft, but sturdy”.

She placed her order, the fabric arrived, and I went to work.

These pictures are from 2 blankets I recently completed, both with the same high-quality cotton, and both filled with glass.
Scroll thru to see the process as well as the finished blankets & duvet on a queen-size bed:



 After the blanket arrived, Kelly reported:

“I just wanted to let you know that I got my blanket last night. Kudos to you on making it! The box was soooooo heavy. It must have taken a lot of arm strength to maneuver the blanket while you were making it!

I’ve only just used it the once, but I wanted to let you know that it is MAGICAL. I took off all my heavy wool blankets from my bed and was able to replace them with just the one very heavy blanket and a decorative top quilt. I slept deeply and restfully for the first time in a long time because I didn’t have to wrestle with my pile of blankets. Soooo happy.

“So thank you. Thanks for being willing to experiment with a new material and being willing to make such a heavy blanket. I saw the listing on your storefront, so hopefully you attract business from customers like me who desperately need a product without a lot of vendors.”

Now, that’s the kind of magic I like to create!



A year later…

I checked with Kelly yesterday to see how her blanket was working for her, and to ask what she would say to someone who was considering investing in an adult-sized weighted blanket.

As for the blanket, I still love it and use it daily.[…] As for the glass beads, now that I’ve had this option, I wouldn’t ever get the poly-pellets. I’ve seen them in other blankets, and the sensation of them would have been extremely uncomfortable. For me, sleep is a combination of pressure and tactile sensation (which is why I was so picky about the fabric as well).

As for the investment, I think it’s the same as with any special needs device. I’ve had friends who have inquired about my blanket, why I need it, and how much it costs. I’ve had people splutter when they hear the cost. But they haven’t struggled with needing appropriate pressure during sleep. As far as I’m concerned, it’s money well spent and I don’t regret it at all. As I told you when I bought it, I had already struggled to find someone who would make a blanket for adults […] So while I paid a premium to get exactly what I wanted, I now have a low-profile blanket that meets my needs perfectly.

Would you like me to make one for you?

Yes! I want the same blanket and duvet set!

After you checkout, I get to work creating a blanket that will bring the sensory relief you’re looking for every night.

OR perhaps you have your own wishlist?

Let’s make magic

Let me know what you’re looking for, and we will work together to create a blanket that meets your specifications and ultimately becomes your favorite blanket to curl up in.

Fall asleep (and stay asleep!) faster with a blanket designed for your bed, your space, your needs, and your incredible self.

(*name has been changed)



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