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The wheelchair rolls into the quiet halls. The beeps, the lights, the quiet voices are all too familiar.

She’s been here many times before. It’s overwhelming. Angelica has had so many surgeries and tests on a regular basis that just pulling into the parking lot increases the tension in her neck.

The pain, the tension, the pounding in her head; her senses are easily overloaded. She takes her typically happy self and crawls inside her shell.

Her mother tucks the weighted blanket in, using it to help position her body.

Angelica hangs on to the teddy that has accompanied her on all these trips and relaxes into the blanket’s soothing texture, feeling the pressure over her whole body.

She didn’t ask for this. No one would. But a weighted blanket helps.

Today, she can do this.

This could be you


A weighted blanket won’t change your diagnosis or dissolve your problems like cotton candy in your mouth at the county fair.

What it CAN do is give you that secret weapon you can use to melt the stress away.

You might even want to start taking it with you everywhere like Linus in the Peanuts cartoon.


No worries.


I won’t tell…


But you might.

Start sleeping well!

Contact me and we’ll get you all set up with a weighted blanket!

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