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Can we convert a lose-lose situation to a win-win?

Janelle likes to think of herself as a smart woman. The kind of woman who can negotiate a deal with her partner in a kind of win-win fashion. And not the “win-win” that is really a facade for “lose-lose” but a true, honest-to-goodness win-win that leaves everyone happy with the solution.

But this latest quandary has been a bit more challenging. You see, Janelle craves pressure. *Loves* pressure. She NEEDS that extra pressure in order to sleep. She piles on the blankets, as heavy as she can find. In fact, she might even be guilty of inviting her cats to help out, adding warm pressure across her body.

The problem is, her partner André doesn’t need that pressure. Doesn’t want that pressure. And is happiest under just a single sheet. Just the thought of sleeping under Janelle’s pile of blankets makes him feel claustrophobic, maybe even a little panicky inside. And the CATS. Oh, help us all. Andre was raise to *never* have the animals IN THE BED with you and is really put off by the extra cat hair IN HIS BED.

What to do?

They are at an impasse. Without the pile of blankets, Janelle lies in bed, wide awake, tossing and turning. She cannot get comfortable. André is on the other side of the coin. Having all those blankets on the bed keeps him awake. He can’t get comfortable. He lies in bed, wide awake. He pushes the blankets off in his sleep, which doesn’t help matters whatsoever. They both agree that, ideally, they still want to share the same mattress when they sleep. What to do?

A simple solution

Here’s what *I* would suggest for Janelle and André : get Janelle a weighted blanket.

Easy, right?

But Lora! you say, Andre doesn’t want the weight.

There are two options:

1. Queen-size blanket, weighted only on one half.

This blanket could be used across the entire bed if Janelle and André are good blanket sharers. But we all know that that’s not always the case. If Andre is the “steal your covers and throw mine and yours on the floor” type, Janelle could lay ON the non-weighted side of the blanket, and wrap the weighted side over the top of her body. This would make blanket-stealing virtually impossible.


2. Full length, narrow blanket — only about 42″ wide.

This blanket covers Janelle’s side of the bed, and doesn’t change what kind of covers André uses at all. In fact, she can probably let her cats sleep on the floor because she’ll have all the pressure she needs in the blanket.


Yeah, nobody’s sleeping on the couch in this scenario.

At the end of the day, it’s a lot cheaper than a second bed. or a bigger bed.

Let’s fast-forward a couple of months:

It’s a sunny Saturday morning. Janelle sleeps on and wrapped up in her weighted blanket. André has his sheet. Janelle and André are well rested. Sleeping issues have become a thing of the past… no one is cranky from lack of sleep, and no one gets up already upset because of unresolved bed-sharing issues. In fact, they can hardly imagine how they managed pre-weighted-blanket.

They brew their coffee. They read the paper.

Life is good.

End the bed-sharing madness

If you read all the way to the bottom of this post, you’re probably curious about whether or not a weighted blanket is right for you. Tell you what, pop your email address in the box below, and take the Assessment linked in the back of my e-book “How to know if Weighted Blankets really work”. I’ll send you your results, and you can see (based on the research) if a weighted blanket is a solution you should consider!

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