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A conundrum

Amanda has trouble sleeping unless she has tons of blankets on top of her. Currently, it’s usually a combination of a comforter, a heavy sleeping bag, a flannel blanket, and 2 thermal blankets. She likes the feeling of pressure; sleeping under just a sheet feels sort of exposed or unsafe. The pressure helps her relax. She wonders if it’s a little weird but she’s been this way since childhood. She has no idea how some people manage in the summer with just a sheet or even sleep with no blanket at all!

But here’s the thing: she lives in the desert. It’s fine right now — It is January in the Northern Hemisphere, after all. But in the summer? It’s HOT. She’d be happiest if she could turn the A/C down so that it’s almost like winter, so she can handle all the blankets she needs in order to sleep. But during the summertime the a/c doesn’t always keep up (and even if it could, the cost disagrees with her need to eat), so that is out of the question. Instead, she wakes up a hot mess and has trouble getting back to sleep. It feels like she can’t win.

Pressure + sweat = no sleep.
No pressure + comfy temperature = no sleep. Argh!

If only she could consolidated the tall pile of blankets on her bed for ONE blanket that will still get her the weight she needs.

Wait, she can! With a weighted blanket, she can have all the convenience of one blanket, with the soothing weight of ten blankets.

Here is what I suggest to Amanda when she approaches me for ideas:

First, I point her in the direction of a high-quality 100% cotton. My favorite is Kona Cotton.

Green Kona cotton weighted blanket with colorful elephants on the backside.

The green fabric is Kona Cotton; this particular blanket was paired with a colorful elephant print.

This cotton fabric comes in a cornucopia of colors. It is smooth to touch, even for the highly-sensitive. Because cotton is a natural fiber, it allows heat to transfer right on out, unlike polyester, rayon, or other man-made fibers which trap your body heat under the blanket. Minky and fleece can *feel* amazing, but for the heat-sensitive, waking up in a ball of sweat is what we’re trying to avoid.

There are other high-quality cotton prints. Sometimes a customer will choose to combine a Kona solid color with a delightful print on the other side (as seen above).

For customers seeking some extra tactile input, I suggest pairing the Kona Cotton with a cotton-silk blend.


Cranberry cotton-silk blend weighted blanket with flowered minky on the front.

The cranberry colored fabric is a silk-cotton blend; this particular blanket is paired with a minky plush flower print.

It has all the benefits of a cotton broadcloth, is still made of natural fibers, AND is perfect for mindlessly running between your fingers.

A world of difference

Amanda picked out something like this lovely print paired with a purple Kona cotton.

Colorful purple paisley cotton print weighted blanket paired with purple Kona cotton on back (not shown)

I ordered the fabric, assembled the blanket, packed it up, and handed it off to the friendly UPS driver. When Amanda’s package arrives, she stifles a squeal. She’s been anticipating this moment for 2-3 weeks now, and it’s finally here. She can hardly wait for the usually dreaded bedtime. She climbs up in her recliner, clicks on the TV, and wraps herself in her blanket. The stresses of the day seem to melt away.

That night, she tosses the comforter, the heavy sleeping bag, the flannel blanket, and 2 thermal blankets off the bed, and replaces them with her new weighted blanket. Before she turns out the lights, she tiptoes over to the thermostat, adjusting it to something a little less fridged.

She climbs in, and pulls it up to her chin, letting out a big sigh. THIS is it. This is exactly what she’s been waiting for. She relaxes into the weight, and it lulls her off to sleep.

Are you overheating under that pile of blankets?

You’re curious. You’ve been wondering if something like a weighted blanket will help you eliminate that pile of blankets off your bed, and consolidate down to something much more manageable. Tell you what, pop your email address in the box below, and take the Assessment linked in the back of my e-book “How to know if Weighted Blankets really work”. I’ll send you your results, and you can see (based on the research) if a weighted blanket is a solution you should consider!

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