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In my world

Everyone deserves respect as a person.

Everyone’s voice should be heard, even nonverbal individuals (all behavior is communication, after all).

Everyone deserves to live as independently as possible.

Everyone receiving support and/or services should be in control of what those services looked like.

I know, I know

That’s a lot of idealism for a Monday morning, so maybe I need a side of cynicism with my cup o’ joe. But I figure that if we neurotypicals (those of us with “normative” neurology and without disabilities) find these to be regular, every-day expectations for ourselves then by extension it makes sense that every human should be included.

Do unto others, and all that jazz.

The ironic and amazing thing is that when respect and accessibility are given to all, we all benefit.

It’s pretty incredible, really.

Did I mention that that’s a lot of idealism?

I am definitely that kind of idealistic kindred spirit, Anne-girl type, but I also tend to be a bit of a realist (I try not to be cynical, but sometimes it sneaks in). Even about my own idealism. It seems that reality falls far short of respect and dignity for all far too often.


While there are a lot of things that we cannot control,
THIS is not one of them.

My name is Lora Jacobson

and I make weighted blankets. Beautiful and soft, cool or warm. I work with you to create a blanket that meets your specifications for texture, size, and functionality without sacrificing beauty or quality.

I make the weighted blanket that
ultimately becomes your favorite blanket to curl up in.

I was first introduced to the concept of the weighted blanket in 2008, while working for an agency in St. Louis, MO that supports adults with developmental disabilities. In 2011, a friend of mind needed a weighted blanket for her son but didn’t have access to a sewing machine. Over the next year or so, I made several more blankets for children of friends. Then, with their encouragement, I opened an Etsy shop at the end of 2012.

In the 3 years since, I’ve filled blanket orders for quiet a variety of people, adults and children alike.

Adults with chronic pain use the blanket for relief and are sleeping better.

Parents say their child has learned to utilize the blanket for appropriate coping mechanism.

Local teachers utilize lap pads to help students focus on their studies.

Parents of elementary-aged children report that their child is finally sleeping thru the night!

And then came my own experience with weighted blankets:

It was summer. My life was in an unexpected place after a tragedy claimed the life of my 3 1/2 year old son. I was holding it together, but the grief in my heart festered just below the surface, threatening to explode.

I was in my living room, packing up a very heavy, king-size weighted blanket custom ordered by an occupational therapist. On a whim, just before I put the blanket in its box, I sat on my couch and rested the entire folded blanket on my chest.

The feeling that washed over me is difficult to put into words.

Something like peace.

A sense of centeredness.

The weight of my grief was lifted, even if temporarily.

It was sweet relief.

Even though I’d made dozens of weighted blankets for other people, I was still surprised by the profound effect of such a simple thing.

I didn’t actually start using a weighted blanket on a regular basis at that point… it was one of those “do for others, and let my own needs get lost” kind of things. Besides, I was sleeping fine. And during the day I wasn’t sitting down much… between filling orders and keeping up with my toddler, and all.

When I got pregnant the following year, however, my anxiety and fears flared up, interfering with my ability to sleep. I tried lots of things.  Magnesium baths. Adult coloring books. White noise. All of those helped some. Staying up late distracting my mind with TV didn’t help.

The weighted blanket was that final piece.

Again. There it was. That relief. That centeredness. It was just enough, and I’d sleep.

I want that for you.

So I make it my mission to meet each customer’s particular needs. When you fill out a custom request I’ll ask about your sensitivities, what you’re looking for in a blanket.

Let’s get you fixed up.

For a series of helpful emails that will aid you in your search for the perfect weighted blanket, add your email address here:

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