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Ableism is one of those things

that a lot of us don’t give much thought to… until it kinda smacks us in the face.  And kinda like racism and sexism, it’s not always easy to spot because it permeates so deeply into the way that we think and how our communities operate. Then when you see it, you realize it’s everywhere! But don’t take my word for it.

Hear the experts:

I could give you definitions and illustrations myself, but you don’t want to hear me on this subject. Instead, I’ve rounded up just a few of my favorite posts. Read the thoughts of parents of children with disabilities who have had to rethink their own approach. Read the stories of adults with disabilities who are challenging US to reconsider what is normal and what is different-than.


Assumptions and Ableism from Amy Sequenzia at Ollibean

Achievement, Acceptance, and Ableism: Link Up and Let’s Talk About It from Lisa at Life as We Know It

When People Tell Me Ableism Doesn’t Exist from Kody Keplinger

Therapy, Ableism, and Why We Do What We Do from Melissa at Garden of My Heart

Ableism, Are we Guilty from The Unknown Contributor

Don’t Be “Disability-Blind” from Meg Murray at Respectfully Connected

The Shift of Expectations from Becca at The Bates Motel

Why is Ableism so Hard to Explain from Devin Axtman at My Life Without Limits

Ableist Words and Terms to Avoid from Lydia Brown  Autistic Hoya

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