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In the midst of some of the research I’ve been doing of late, I’ve come across many different blogs:

Blogs with thought-provoking posts.
Blogs by autistic adults
Blogs for parents of autistic kids from adult autistics.
Blogs by parents who are autistic.
Blogs by folks who communicate primarily thru typing.
Posts about current events.
Posts about everyday concerns.
Posts about all kinds of things, really.

The list here includes the ones I just had to share,

and it is by no means exhaustive. There are more. Even as I was finishing up I was thinking “Oh, wait, how could I forget THIS one,.. or THAT one!?” This is only the beginning of the rabbit-hole. But this is, indeed, a wonderful place to get started.

  1. Neurowonderful’s Ask an Autistic YouTube channel & Neurowonderful blog
  2. Styimeyland — Get your quirk on
  3. We are Like Your Child
  4. Autism Women’s Network
  5. The Autism Wars
  6. AsParenting
  7. Aspierhetor 
  8. Disability Right Now
  9. Just Stimming
  10. Life with Aspergers
  11. Autistic, not Weird
  12. No Stereotypes Here 
  13. Ollibean
  14. Paula C Durbin
  15. ThAutcast
  16. The Third Glance
  17. 30 Days of Autism
  18. Thoughts of an Introverted Matriarch
  19. Life on the other side of the wall 
  20. The odd is silent
  21. Unstrange Mind
  22. Andrea’s Buzzing About
  23. Judy Endow
  24. Chavisory 
  25. Evil Autie
  26. Illusion of Competence
  27. Luna Lindsey
  28. Incipient Turvy
  29. Tiny Grace Notes — Ask an Autistic
  30. Letters to Autistic Kids
  31. UnPuzzled
  32. The Bullshit Fairy
  33. Unboxed Brain
  34. The Invisible Strings
  35. Different kinds of Normal
  36. Identity First Autistic
  37. It’s Bridget’s Word
  38. Autistic Academic
  39. Neurocosmopolitanism
  40. Tone it Down Taupe
  41. Mama be Good
  42. Autistic Giraffe Party
  43. Antleader’s Journey
  44. Christy Autistic Walk
  45. Asperger Issues
  46. Neuroqueer
  47. That Crazy Crippled Chick
  48. The Squeaky Wheelchair
  49. The E is for Erin 
  50. Respectfully Connected
  51. Parenting Autistic Children with Love & Acceptance
  52. Suburban Mama
  53. Amazing Adventures Parenting Autistic Children
  54. Allism Shouts
  55. Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
  56. J E Robison
  57. Squidalicious
  58. Mom — Not otherwise Specified
  59. Snagglebox
  60. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
  61. Autistic Hoya
  62. Ballastexistenz 

What are YOUR favorite blogs?

Comment below and let me know!

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