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Weighted blankets sound incredibly magical, so magical that you’d pay anything to get your hands on one. BUT you may have heard that they don’t actually work well for everyone, in which case, you can already see in your mind’s eye all that magical value just sliding right down the drain.

Nobody wants to invest in something that winds up being a terrible fit. Since most weighted blankets aren’t stocked in a physical store, but are listed online, how can I be sure that a weighted blanket is something that will actually help me?

Here are some questions that will help narrow it down for you:

Do you already sleep with a ton of blankets on because you enjoy the weight/pressure?

If yes, do you have that problem where you pile up so many blankets for the weight/pressure but then you get too hot?

Do you press your body into the couch in an attempt to find that pressure?]

If you placed a heavier pillow on your shoulders while you laid down, does that help you relax and/or sleep better?

Do you find blankets to be a thing of comfort and can’t imagine how someone ever sleeps with just a sheet?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then chances are you would really enjoy a weighted blanket.

Here’s what I suggest next:

Gather as many blankets as you can find, the heavier the better, and crawl inside. Ignore the heat for a moment, if you can, and think about the weight of it.

Do you love it? wish they weighed even more? If the weight makes you more relaxed, we’re on the right track.

Weighted blankets are used for many things, not just for sleeping. So here are a couple of other ideas:

Gather a baking sheet and a pile of books (do they even make phone books anymore?). Place the books on the baking sheet, and the baking sheet in your lap. Now, this is obviously not the same as a comfy blanket or lap pad, but the pressure can be similar. Do you like it? does it help you focus? Does it help to ease your anxiety or stress? If so, you might really enjoy having a lap pad or small blanket when you work.

Ask someone you trust (your partner or a good friend) to give you a bear hug while standing behind you so that the weight of the hug is positioned over your shoulders and back. Now imagine that the weight or pressure is part of a blanket and that no one is actually touching you. Do you like it? Feel comforted/secure/grounded? If this was pressure or weight in the form of a blanket, is this a place you would want to be when you need some self-care?

What do you think?

Is a weighted blanket is sounding pretty good right about now? Of course, right! 😛

If you’re still not sure, take the Assessment

I’ve designed an assessment that will give you an actual score, measuring your answers against information from the research. I won’t claim that the scale is scientifically perfect (that would require more research, lol) or peer-reviewed, but I think you’ll find it tremendously useful.

It doesn’t take long — 5 min, tops. And when you get done, I’ll send you your score. Simple as that.

Click here to start!

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